Horizon Socks

Horizon Socks

The dark blue ocean, rising up against the blue of the sky. The small sky blue component is also a reflection of the early morning rides that many of our riders undertake, many which commence prior to day break before finishing as the sun is breaking over the water.

At MWCC we understand the demands of every cyclist and the importance of your 'sock game'. For our updated 2018 sock collection, we have an offering from Sokhyte which have met all of the tests of our rigorous connoisseur.

We set out to find a sock that not only could perform at the top level but also meet our comfort and style requirements.

With our refined and classic look, these socks will suit all of our riding kits, providing classic elegance on the bike.

The socks are made in Melbourne from Australian company 'Sokhyte' and provide a 6 inch double cuff, with a compression in the arch support and an air-lite upper footing.

Available in the following sizes:
Small - 35-39 EU
Medium - 39-43 EU
Large - 43-45 EU
XL - 45+ EU